Sustainable Tourism – Best Practice From Italy

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Awaiting the affirmation of the increment of overseas traveler flows to Italy, looking on the superb data (+4%) of 2007, it’s far interesting to underline that the Bel Pease hospitality, focuses its interest on the evaluation of a new phenomenon referred to as “sustainable tourism”.

Sustainable means a brand new tourism, some distance far from the traditional visitor destinations, a sluggish mobility, special attention to the relationship between tourism and nature, with a purpose to recognize a brand new equilibrium among guy and nature, following strategies of harmony and appreciate of surroundings.


It pursuits to sell cultural, ancient and artistic peculiarities of the territory. Human beings run far away from the most crowded traveler destinations, and green Tourism is capable of provide something clean, returned-use, natural reserves, parks, biking routes and hiking paths and Charminly.


Investments in inexperienced Tourism, are something new and fine for Italian tourism market innovation. Useful interventions can be achieved promoting and qualify natural landscapes, rural atmospheres, creative and archaeological heritage and nearby gastronomic way of life.

This revolutionary visitor provide brings hospitality business to get specialized and to increase centers dedicated to the tourist goal interested by game and health vacations.


Its goal is continuously increasing each, as age variety and social rank.

Of path the main reason is to boom traveler flows, splitting arrivals in all seasons and diversifying the offer following the rhythms of the seasons.

The sustainable tourism enriches small countryside’s and creates new professional jobs, tied to the planning, the belief, the promotion after which the management of ecotourism, cyclotourism and inexperienced tourism business.

From the north to the south of Italy, the most vital sustainable tourism plans are born, to create new traveler flows, wherein the traditional mass tourism has no interest and have been financed by way of European determined for the valorization and the healing of national background.

The travelers of the green are constantly growing and appreciate the idea to move by means of foot or with the aid of bicycle. which will solution to these new developments, hospitality structures growth the services to the customers, presenting bicycle for lease, professional publications for single or corporations, dispensing brochures approximately cycling maps and routes, availability of specialist laundry for sports clothing. All resorts take care approximately top food, sport menus and constantly guarantee rich organic meals, in season and OGM loose.

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