Painting an Ice Cream Truck: The Do’s and the Don’ts

There’s not anything that is going to lose you extra clients in less time than a truck which has a paint process which makes it appearance sketchy, trashy or simply plain boring. So i’ve created a listing of five do’s and 5 don’ts you ought to be aware of while making the critical choice about the way to paint your truck:


DO use bright hues which make your truck standout – in the end you need to be noticed!
DO use your writing and text on the way to put it on the market you by using drawing the eye and which is attractive to both youngsters and adults.
DO keep your design easy – don’t bombard your clients with distracting hues and pictures.
DO pass for a unfashionable designfor lots people, ice cream vehicles conjure up valuable recollections from their children so that you can by no means be too
DO you realize your patronpositive designs will paintings better in distinct locations and with people from exceptionalbackgrounds and income brackets. An ice cream truck promoting along Venice seaside is going to have a completelydistinct look and experience than a truck selling in downtown long island!

do not use brown, gray or different colours which make you appear to blend into the historical past or worse, seemuninteresting.
don’t overdo it with decals and decorations. Doing an excessive amount of visually can be almost as horrific as doing too little.
do not use shade schemes which may be related to drugs or different unlawful activitysome ice cream providers have given the industry a awful call by means of dealing extra than ice cream from their trucks!
do not region decals and different signage too excessive or too low. make sure that every one writing may be seen viaboth youngsters and adults.
DON”T smash your super design with the aid of forgetting that a window may additionally must cross within the middleof it! make sure that you recall the practicalities of your automobile and make a cartoon earlier than you begin portray.
at the end of the day the design of your ice cream truck can be a primary aspect in how people view your businesswhilstin doubt preserve it easyit’s miles better to have a properly finished easy design then seeking to get fancying and having an novice paint taskthe perfect things to do are also the onlyadd some coloration in your bumpers, wheels, mirrors, and your rooftop speaker. customers will be aware the little things like uneven paint, uncentered decals and truck lettering or crooked lines so make sure the whole lot is performed rightin particular at the side of your truck that has the serving window.

And keep in mindjust due to the fact you painted your truck doesn’t mean you may overlook it; ensure you spray it down with water each few days and on every occasion it rains, due to the fact the dirt the accumulates on your roof will bleed down onto the edges of your truck.

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