Ledarskapsutbildning stockholm

Leadership – Education for you in Stockholm

FEI offers a wide range of leadership training courses in Stockholm for those who want to train in parallel with their current work. In fact, FEI is one of the country’s leading education companies when it comes to training for professionals only.

A leadership course fits well for distance studies because the study rate is adapted based on the assumption that the participants have a demanding job. Therefore, the lessons are set to intensive blocks to make the absence from work minimal.

When you choose a leadership training at FEI, you are meeting an exciting future. Many prominent executives and leaders have attended a course or education at FEI.

Why is FEI the best education company for a leadership training in Stockholm?

Because FEI has more than a hundred years of experience in educating people in their careers. Because it is both network-building and stimulating to study at a leading education company for professionals. Because FEI’s inspiring premises are located in the heart of Stockholm’s inner city. Because FEI only has course leaders with practical experience of successful leadership.

Because we trust the positive feedback we receive from previous course participants who have studied leadership training in Stockholm!

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