5 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

Make up makes us beautiful and no one can deny its importance. A nice shade of lipstick can make you look 100 times prettier and that’s undeniable. However, there’s so much going on everywhere that it is becoming harder to just choose the right product and we end up spending too much on stuff that we don’t even need. That’s why smart shopping is must in this time. You should only buy the stuff that you think is worth it. Quality beauty products are also becoming expensive due to constant demand of quality products.

That is why we are providing you a list of stuff that is going to be a full go to pack up for all your beauty needs. You must be wondering how 5 things can be enough for all the beauty needs but we will cover everything from hair to skin.

  1. Flat Iron

Because all your hair styling is possible with flat iron, check top 10 best flat iron list, you would not need anything else for your hair if you have a flat iron. Straighteners are now capable of making all the hairstyles and with creative ideas about hairstyles now exploding; it is a high time to own a hair straightener. Flat iron can give you wavy hairstyle, curly hair or straight hair. That means you can look perfect for any occasion, be it formal, semi-formal or just everyday look.

  1. Epilator

Why need to buy razors every 15 days for shaving hair, all your body and facial hair questions will be answered with the help of epilator. An best epilatordoesn’t even cost a lot; you can get a good epilator for multiple functionalities in under $100. It is a great product to have as you often need to take off the hair. The perfect way to get rid of body and facial hair is epilator.

  1. Foundation

By foundation, we don’t mean any foundation. You should only buy the foundation that goes with your skin tones. The best and reasonable foundations available in market for different skin tones are Fit Me by Maybelline New York. Foundations from MAC and Rimmel are also great and come in multiple shades. Any foundation can work if it’s according to your skin shade. Foundation also gives your skin an even texture that is very important for all the occasions; it’s a basic need you can say.

  1. Red Lipstick

Yes, bold move. But that isn’t something to miss on. If you don’t like the exact red color you can buy it in different tones, however red is the best one we found. Red lipstick goes with every mood and occasion. You can also see if you want matte or shiny color. The whole point behind red lipstick is to get a makeup look in few seconds. You also should buy quality lipsticks as the cheap lipsticks can eventually darken your lips. Mac offers quality lipsticks and you can easily get a Ruby Woo or Diva to go with your every dress.

  1. Eye Pencil

Yes, and black one; important to mention since they are available in every color now. A black one would serve as kajal and liner at the same time. The most effective eye pencil we found is colossal kajal by Maybelline New York. It is perfect to go with every look and can give you perfect look. Make sure that you don’t smudge it because it will be a disaster then and every effort will be ruined. You don’t even have to put it as a liner for your everyday look.

Final Words

All the products mentioned above are great for making your everyday look even better; you can use same products for different look as well. These products are must have as the starter pack and they’ll always have your back. These products never ditch you because they have long lasting results and can make you look much prettier within no time. These products are not even hard to use and understand and take very less time to give you perfect look for all occasions. Having these products is enough for all the events and you will be ever ready to rock every party and meeting.


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